Monday, 8 March 2010

Hitting the right note….

LOL – look at me trying to be a rock chick!!  I don’t know the difference from strumming and plucking but I loved using the photographer’s prop in this photo set….you can see more of me fingering the strings by clicking on my photo – Secret xxx

Secretchick40HH with guitar


From the O-Zone said...

Shame to use a guitar to hide that awesome body.

Secretchick40HH said...

why thank you O Zone xxxx

Filo said...

As I love rock music and I play the rock guitar, I think this set is fantastic. Your boobs and a precious guitar ara a breathtaking picture. Thanks a lot.

Secretchick40HH said...

Filo you say such nice things thank you

I can only play a few notes on the guitar lol