Friday, 6 November 2009

Getting wet for my visitor Pt.2

I promised you that I’d write Part 2 of Getting Wet For My Visitor – and judging by your response, you loved Pt1!! – here goes:

I decided to wash my hairy pussy and really soaped it  up.  Then I soaped up all over my boobs and I could see him watching me - I could tell he was getting turned on again. I rinsed the soap from my boobs and pussy then I asked him to approach me and I started to use the sponge on his lovely  cock and  balls.  He told me how good  it felt  and with a nice young clean cock in front of me,  what else could I do but kneel down in the bath letting my huge HH cup boobs hang over the bath!!  I gently started to lick and suckle his balls one at a time - I heard him gasp and  he placed a hand on my head and the other hand was  holding onto the sink. Slowly, I moved my  tongue up his  cock till I reached the rim and I started to flick my tongue fast over his rim - he was telling how good my tongue felt.

Secretchick40HH in bath

Slowly,  I slipped my mouth onto the tip of his cock and I could feel his hand on my hand trying to push my head down. I held off a little  while and then gently  went down on his hard cock.  He muttered something like “Oh fuck yeah” and he started fucking my mouth. I was gently squeezing his  balls sucking and licking his cock – mmmm! It felt so good - he had already said where he wanted to cum and he moaned out  loud saying  “I am going to cum”. So,  I released his cock from my mouth and grabbed it with my hand wanking him fast as he started  to shoot his cum all over my HUGE natural boobs.  Long white streams of jizz shot out all over my chest, hitting my boobs and I watched it slowly trickle down my cleavage.  I smiled up at him and said “Well babes,  that’s your second fantasy.  Let me clean up and see if you can manage your third fantasy”.  I thought to myself “Oh I hope he can – it’s about time I felt that yummy cock inside of me”….

Secretchick40HH in bath

Pt3 is coming soon – and who knows, I might be too *smiles* - Secret xxx

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