Monday, 2 November 2009

Getting wet for my visitor....Pt1

At precisely 11am, I heard a knock on my front door - I smiled away to myself while I went to answer  it.  And there he was - this cute, handsome, young lad.  "Come on in" I said and he said "Thank you Miss Secretchick". I said "We may as well get started" and told him to follow me upstairs. I showed him into my bedroom and told him to get organized while I went and got changed in my back bedroom.  It's strange really because I didn't feel nervous at all. I quickly got changed into my simple white vest and panties and then stood against the bathroom door and called to him that I was ready.

Secretchick in the bath Secretchick in the bath

He came out of my bedroom fully naked  with just a  camera and lead around his neck.  I glimpsed at his cock  and noticed it was twitching away but was not fully erect yet. So I started to pose for him and by his third click of the shutter, he was fully erect. So I thought it was time to get wet for my visitor.  I walked into my bathroom  and stood in my bath, scooping up some soap suds and laughingly said "Cum on - let's play".....

Secretchick in the bath Secretchick in the bath

We had already agreed he could wank his cock while I poured water over my boobs, making my t-shirt wet.  So I slowly dribbled water down the front of my t-shirt and I watched his hand  move and grab hold of his cock  and he started wanking it really fast.  I continued to pour water over my boobs wetting the thin cotton of my t-shirt - my boobs really showed through the clingy material.  Knowing this would turn him on, I pulled down my wet panties exposing my hairy pussy to him.  I heard him  moan and saw him coming shooting loads of thick white cum out of his hard cock -  mmmmmmm - it looked so good.

Secretchick in the bath

That was his fantasy  - you see he wanted to see my tits get wet and he wanted to wank off and take photos.  I told him to sit on the toilet and rest a moment and that while I was in the bath and shower I may as well have a wash all over.  So I got my sponge and started to wash my hairy pussy and well, needless to say,  more kinky stuff happened lol!!!  I hope you enjoy his photos of me and don't forget to follow my blog for Part 2 of this story.  It's really good.....I should know - I was there!!! Secret xx

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