Sunday, 2 January 2011

sexy black pvc and gold shoes

I love love love pvc I love the look and the feel of it and it makes me feel so sexy when I wear it I couldnt resist showing you a glimpse of my hairy pussy as well which I know you love to see more of me click the pics or click Here

I had Dr Phil come visit me recently and wow have I got some great pics coming real soon Happy New Year to you all kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

hi secret chick i saw your vids on xhamster and left some comments your really are hot

Baz said...

sexy as ever and perfection in pvc
love seeing you in this as you know xxx

Secretchick40HH said...

why thank you xx

Saskue said...

Sexy black PVC indeed now just let me help you out of it. Although I might need to reduce the stiffness my my cock first. ;) he-he

I would so love to enjoy you on the landing in this outfit my beautiful friend. kisses.