Thursday, 28 October 2010

At last….I’m feeling better

Hi everyone, it’s so good to be able to post some good news.  Thank you for ALL your kind messages and words of support.  It has been a very tough time for me but I’m on the road to recovery and let’s hope I’ve seen the back of this illness.  Thanks to my lovely friend DeeDee for being my photographer – pop over and see her site.  She’s just joined Toptenamateur and we’ll be doing LOTS more naughty shoots together….watch this space.  Again, thank you and love to you all – Secret xxx

Secretchick 40HH @ Toptenamateur Secretchick40HH @ Toptenamateur


Filo said...

I'm glad because you're better and thanks for coming back.

Secretchick40HH said...

I feel much better than I did thank you xxxx

Saskue said...

Another wonderful view of your beautiful sexy bottom, my sweet beautiful sexy kitten as you lean over the sofa your friend taking photos very hot, an I love seeing you in that sexy summer dress flash you legs sexily as you let your dress fall a little so I can se your bra.

Stunning beautiful. Lots of hot steamy kisses.