Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sorry I’ve been SO busy….

Hi guyz – first of all, sorry I haven’t updated for a while….real life has been a bit hectic and I haven’t had a moment to call my own.  Plus, I’m waiting on a couple of photographers to come round and do some photo shoots – so that will mean LOTS  of new pics being uploaded on my site.  But both of them have had ‘flu and you know what men are like when they’ve got MAN FLU lol!!! Fingers crossed they’ll be better soon and back behind the lens.  If there are any togs that want to book a photo shoot with me, drop me a line and we can chat – Secret xxx

Secretchick40HH @ Toptenamateur


Filo said...

No problem. You've a lot of amateurs photographers waiting for "shooting her cameras" over you.

Saskue said...

We some of of are this is true he-he. Love the photo now do not forget to put those sexy legs up and get rest now and again beautiful.