Friday, 27 August 2010

Putting my feet up - the weekend’s here!!

Hi everyone – I’ve had a REALLY busy week and at times quite stressful.  So, as it’s the holiday weekend this weekend, I’m taking some ‘me’ time and putting my feet up….I’m dreaming of a beautiful man at my feet massaging them and then working his way up my stockinged legs….mmmmm!!! And if anyone’s feeling generous – I need spoiling…I haven’t had any presents for a while…my ‘Treat Me’ button is on the right hand side of this blog…if you treat me to something nice, I’ll model it for you ;-))) Kisses – Secret xxx

Secretchick40HH @ Toptenamateur Secretchick40HH @ Toptenamateur


Filo said...

Take your time but come back soon

Saskue said...

I am glad to see you putting your feet up and making my temperature rise as you flash your stoking top and all of your beautiful legs.

Secretchick40HH said...

oh I am not going anywhere lol