Sunday, 22 August 2010

Pick a Toy for me

Wow, you loved my last post!!!  So now, I need your help - these three photos are the toys I have ALREADY reviewed.  Here’s your chance to pick a toy for me to review…you select and I use and photo for you….it’s that simple!! To view the catalogue click here (please - no anal toys and nothing too huge lol)  You help me by either posting comments on here or on my favourite forum GrannySexForum – just click on the link and I am REALLY looking forward to see which toys you choose – I love surprises – mmmmmmmmmmmmm – Secret xxx

Secretchick40HH @ Toptenamateur Secretchick40HH @ Toptenamateur Secretchick40HH @ Toptenamateur



From the O-Zone said...

I'd go for the Rabbit... not for me of course... but I know women who swear by it.

Saskue said...

That one at thee top your using look good in your tight pussy, I will have to have a long think, I love seeing you use the glass ones so nothing wider than these ones beautiful.

Have you tried one of those wand toys before?

sorry for not getting by before now I was supper busy and had to go to Boots to try and get some extra pennies, but it did not pan out. Love your latest updates. Kiss, Kiss.

Secretchick40HH said...

thanks for the comments I already have those three from the sex toy catalogue but I have been asked to choose something new to review

I do love my glass toys but I wondered if anyone would like to see me use something different from the catalogue as theres lots of things in there to pick from xxxxx

Filo said...

The last one.