Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Video update…I know you’ll like these!!

Hi guys, hope you’re well – sorry I haven’t updated much over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve had some family stuff to take care of but everything is fine now and I’m looking forward to celebrating my birthday on August 4th…yep, that’s right – I’m a lovely Leo lol.  I’m posting 2 video clips that I haven’t posted before because you’re worth it – enjoy! Secret xxxx


Saskue said...

I do very much like those beautiful, now ~I am sorry I missed your birthday my sweet cuddly sex kitten.

So a HAPPPY ELATED BIRTHDAY and lots of belated kisses for the sexy honey bunny. big KISS KISS.

Filo said...

The first one is very erotic. The second one is very hot. Both turn me on, of course. Thanks and happy birthday.

Paul said...

Lady your videa is fantastic,you are very sexy and your boobs are the most pretty natural big ones i ever saw.Your stockings are good but i like black ones with garters with more traps
Thank you Paul