Saturday, 3 April 2010

Miss Prim and Proper….

I had another photo shoot recently and the director wanted me to look all prim and proper to start off with….and then peel away the layers to reveal what was underneath my flowery dress.  Next time you see a granny in the street, she might be wearing black stockings and suspender belt….I know I am lol!!  Click on my pics for the rest of my set and don’t forget to come and say ‘hi’ to me on Adultwork – I’m on there all weekend – Secret xxxx

Secretchick in flowery dress Secretchick in flowery dress


Filo said...

In spain your dress is typical in women called "marujas". And especially they turn me on. And see you that way, much more.

Secretchick40HH said...

thank you Filo

I do like to dress and show glimpses of whats underneath

Saskue said...

He prim & and proper an your flashing your sexy leg off good job I am not there or my hand would slipped inside your dress creasing your sexy thigh then moving to tub your panties into your hot pussy. As my lips tease your beautiful breasts through that dress and bra occasionally kissing your hot lips.

Very sexy.