Friday, 30 April 2010

I’m ‘resting’ until Tuesday…

Hi everyone, hope you’re well.  Just a quick post to let you know that I will be ‘resting’ until Tuesday.  I’ve had an op on my eye and I have to ‘put my feet up’.  So, here’s a few photos of me doing just that.  I’ll be back really soon – hugs Secret xxxx

Secretchick40HH puts her feet up Secretchick40HH puts her feet up Secretchick40HH puts her feet up


Saskue said...

So beautiful you are looking hot and sexy resting. What was up with your eye though?

An did you have it done at city or queens med?

Anyway you take easy beautiful sex goddess. Big kiss and hug.

Secretchick40HH said...

hya hunny I had a cataract op its a sucess I will be home soon
it was at bassetlaw hospital

Saskue said...

I glad to here it was a success bassetlaw seems a bit far way to go to have your cataract done bassetlaw is closer to me Worksop being only few miles away.

I am glad your doing well beautiful and now have better vision too. Kiss Kiss hug.

Filo said...

I hope you to recover from your health problems to continue showing your precious body and face.

Secretchick40HH said...

Saskue I live in Worksop lol

the hospital is not far from me at all

Saskue said...

Thats good so you did not have far to go then kiss.

I love Worksop I took my drives test there it have been the closest test centre to my house plus if the shopping centre has quite a lot of shops to and the market is good.

So your eye is doing well I hope.