Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Having fun with a rabbit….

LOL – I don’t mean the Easter bunny kind – I mean my latest toy….Secretguy wasn’t around so I took these shots myself – not easy when you’ve got a buzzing toy in one hand lol!!  Anyway, I couldn’t hold the camera still for long after these….if you know what I mean – enjoy – Secret xxxx

Secretchick40HH and her rabbit Secretchick40HH and her rabbit


Filo said...

I see that your new toy doesn't separate from your incredible body but I understand it. I wouldn't do it either.

Secretchick40HH said...

its a lovely toy and having lots of fun with it

Saskue said...

I see your enjoying that toy now shall I hold the camera or help you work that toy in your sweet tight pussy my hot sexy kitten.

I am loving the pink too.