Thursday, 19 November 2009

My date with a spanker – Part1

I thought you might like another story so here goes – this is the first part of my spanking ordeal…ouch!! Secret xxx

All day long I felt tummy tingles in my belly - I tried to forget them and kept myself  busy.  But it was no good – the same thing kept going around in my head - “oh dear, how long is he going to punish me for - oh dear!!!”  At 6pm, I followed his orders and slipped into a lavender bubble bath and soaked for exactly 15 minutes.  Then I dried myself and went into the bedroom.  A shiver went through me when i saw all the toys and objects on my dressing  table.  With a sigh, I put on my stockings and suspender belt first and then my black lace bra and finally my black lace dress.  I checked the time - it was two minutes to quarter to seven. I quickly picked up the mask, collar and lead, ran down stairs and unlocked the front door.  I tied the collar around my neck attaching the lead as he had ordered.  I knelt on the floor putting the eye mask on - I was shaking and could not help but get damp between my thighs. I cowered there in the darkness, waiting for him, knowing I was going to be punished and wondering how and what  he will do.

Secretchick40HH getting spanked

I heard a car in the drive - my tummy turned over as I heard his footsteps approaching.  Then the door opened - he had told me earlier “Don’t say a word – silence” so I knelt there quietly as ordered. I felt him brush past me – there was a rustling sound which I believed was him taking his coat off and then I felt a yank on  the collar pulling me upright.  He began pulling me upstairs, my head was exploding wondering what he will do, how he will punish me.  Then, a turn on the landing and I knew  we was heading to my bedroom….He gently sat me on the bed and then I heard him rummaging around and heard some metal on metal noises.  He lifted my left  wrist and attached a metal handcuff to it and then lifted my right wrist attaching another handcuff to my other wrist.  My mind was in turmoil then I felt a jerk on the  collar and as I stood up, he was behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck and then he suddenly grabbed my shoulders and manoeuvred me around the bed. I knew what was coming - the whipping cupboard - oh no -  he  grabbed both my wrists and attached the handcuffs to a metal ring above my head and then he whispered in my ear two words  “PAY BACK”! I wanted to say sorry but i was not allowed to say a word - I just whimpered a little. I felt the zip on the back of my dress being pulled down slowly and then he slipped the dress off my shoulders…(to be continued)

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