Friday, 9 October 2009

Secret gets paddled, flogged & spanked - mmmm!

My Domme friend came all the way from London to give me a really hard spanking, cropping and flogging. And because I'd been such a good sub, he gave me a good fucking after!! The first pic is of my rubber type flogger and *OUCH* it stings lol. The second pic is my leather riding crop and it just sends tingles through my body - oh, and did I mention my Domme friend is only in his 20's!! Enjoy - Secret xx

Secretchick40HH gets spanked

Secretchick40HH gets spanked

Secretchick40HH gets spanked


Buck Kelly said...

I love to make that ass all red and then drop a big wet load on there

Secretchick40HH said...

mmmmmm promises promises

I do love a good spanking not to hard but enough for it to tingle