Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I get some special nursing in hospital....

I sometimes have a flight of fantasy and write a kinky story or two.  Here's my latest about my adventures in hospital....hope you like it!

So, there's me in hospital having had some small surgery to remove a spot on my back and feeling really down waiting for a nurse to take me to the shower room.  I didn't have to wait long - one female nurse and a young lad appeared and  she said "Dee, all our female nurses are busy at the moment.  Would you mind if Mark, our male nurse, took you for a shower?"  So I said I didnt mind.

As Mark pushed me to the shower in the wheelchair, we started chatting.  He told me he was single, 24 years old and lived alone and had only qualified as a nurse a few months ago. We arrived at the shower room and we went in and he undressed me and his hands were shaking a little....he couldn't take his eyes off my huge granny tits. I sat on the chair in the special shower unit and he turned the shower on and sprayed it over my back. I just happened to notice he had a huge bulge at the front of his trousers and without thinking I reached out my hand and grabbed it - on the spur of the moment.  I heard him gasp and I said if you want me to carry on go and lock the door.  So he quickly locked the door and I told him to strip off. 

Mark had a lovely looking cock and as I was still in the chair, I told him to bring that young cock of his in front of me.  He walked over and stood in front of me and I started to suck and lick his young cock.  It tasted so good but I didn't want him to cum in my mouth - I wanted him to fuck me.  I said "Come on, I want that cock in my cunt".  So, without hesitation, he led me over to a armchair on the other side of the shower room.  I took off the seat pad and put it on the floor and all the time he was touching my tits - his hands were all over me. I knelt down on the cushion and said "Cum now and shove that young cock in my granny cunt".  I felt the tip of his hard cock at my opening and then he slid right in. I told him to fuck me hard and fast - it felt so good.  His hard cock was fucking me again and again I told him I was coming and he started to moan. I could feel his seed pumping out of him into my cunt - mmmmmmm!! Mark withdrew and helped me stand back up.  He finished off showering me then dried me and took me back to my bed -
awesome!! Secret xxx

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Buck Kelly said...

that was hot - love the story and the photo - looking so hot and sexy

Melvin said...

its ballinknox from twitter! i came watchin your videos and jut readin the stories