Monday, 26 October 2009

Secretchick40HH gets spanked...

The door bell rang and I felt my tummy churn inside as I walked towards it to opened it.  There he stood - a handsome fella dressed in a smart business suit.  I greeted him as "Sir" and invited him in and led him to my front room.  I asked if he would like a tea or coffee and he replied "I would like a coffee, girl, one sugar and hurry.  We have some business to attend to, don't we?" I gulped and felt my tummy tingle - "Yes Sir", I replied and quickly went to make a coffee for him and a tea for me.

Secretchick40HH with her flogger Secretchick40HH with her flogger

We sat drinking for a while and just chatting and I relaxed a little more but I kept looking at his big strong hands. I almost jumped out of my skin when he said "Right, let's crack on. Stand up in front of me and show me what's under that black skirt and it better be what I asked you to wear".  I lifted my skirt up and showed him my black lace hold ups and sheer black and red panties - I felt my cheeks flush.  "Good, good" he said "And where is the box I asked you to prepare?"  I pointed to the box and he smiled saying "Good girl.  OK, take that top off and let me admire the bra that's holding those massive HH cup tits of yours". I took my top off revealing my black lace bra and I felt his eyes taking every inch of me in.  Already, I could feel my cunt getting wet as his sheer presence had me drooling. "Take the bra off now and release those tits", he commanded. I undid the bra and he stood up and placed a hand on each tit massaging my nipples which instantly hardened under his touch.  He then smiled saying "What a hot little slut you are aren't you?" then tweaked both my nipples hard. I gasped feeling the pain which had my clit throbbing and pulsating. "OK, we don't have much time, slut.  Get yourself bent over the table and lift up your skirt".
I quickly bent over the table pulling my skirt up revealing my sheer panties and waited for what seemed like ages then he spoke and made me jump saying "OK, slut you know what's coming don't you? You have not been a good girl have you?" "No Sir", I replied but before I could get the word "Sir" out I felt the first slap on the left cheek of my bum. I jumped and tried to accept the feel of the sting but before long another slap came down on my right cheek - oh wow wow.  He repeated this six times more then silence.  I could feel my bum cheeks burning hot then oh so gently I felt his fingers pull my panty crotch to the side and he slid his hands between my lips and starts rubbing my clit.  I couldn't help but moan loudly feeling his fingers rub against my clit.  "Good girl" he said "I love a cunt that gets wet like this". I was lost in a world alone feeling my clit pulsating under his fingers until he said "Right slut, take those panties off and bend back over the table".  I quickly took my now wet panties off and bent right over the table.  I heard him rummage around in the box wondering what he will choose.  I felt his hand pull my skirt up right up to my waist then one hand rested on my back and then I heard a whoosh and the sting of the cane hit my bum cheeks making me cry out.  Again, another whoosh as the cane landed across the tops of my thighs - I gasped out loud - then another whoosh as he caned my bum and thighs another six times.  Then I heard myself moan slightly and he stroked my bum and thighs very softly saying "Good girl".  He whispered to me to stay like that and then I heard the sound of his zipper coming down and he whispered to me "Turn your head, bitch, and suck my cock".  I turned my head and licked the tip of his hard throbbing cock then plunged my mouth down swirling my tongue.  As I did this, he grabbed hold of my head forcing it down on his cock till I gagged. He did this very quickly four or five times before he stopped and walked behind me again. He said "Just to remind you who is boss and don't forget it" whoosh the cane came down really hard over my bum cheeks -  I moaned out loud feeling the sting. He ran his fingers over my wet slit and fingered my cunt and I squirmed hard on his fingers.  Then he pulled them out saying "Let's get this ass ready" and he slipped his fingers which where dripping with my juices first one then two into my ass and started fucking me with them then he stopped.  I felt his hard cock probing my ass and I wriggled a little and felt it slowly filling me up - I couldn't help but gasp and moan feeling his cock in my ass.

Secretchick40HH with her flogger Secretchick40HH gets spanked

"Head down slut and prepare to be fucked like the dirty slut you are". He pulled his cock almost out then plunged back into me and started fucking me hard deep and fast.  "Tell me bitch what I want to hear".  I moaned and started telling him to "Fuck me Sir, rape my ass. I want you to cum deep and hard in my ass, Sir".  "Mmmm" he said and then plunged his cock in me again and again I could feel my orgasm building up about to reach the ultimate cum for me.  "Slut" he whispered and without any further words I felt my self cumming. I was moaning loudly and then I heard him utter "Mmmmmmmmmmm yes" and I felt him shoot his spunk in me.  He kept pumping his cock for a while then stopped.  He pulled out and turned me around to stand upright in front of him and he kissed me passionately.  He broke the kiss and put his cock away and zipped up his trousers.  He adjusted his tie, took out his wallet and placed some money on the table and said, "Same time next week my filthy little slut.  Come now and see me to the door I have to go back to work".  I walked him to the door and he gave me a peck on the cheek and left.  Well all I can say is "wow - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!" - hope you enjoyed that as much as I did - Secret xxx

Secretchick40HH gets spanked Secretchick40HH gets spanked